25 October 2010

The Confidant Movie Trailer

TVOne premiered this movie recently. The movie clip, which aired during a commercial, held an intriguing mix of suspence and mystery. I was not let down. The movie was fantastic. Some parts were unexpected, which is always makes for a great thriller. This movie is available on dvd.
The cast includes: Kenya Moore, Boris Kodjoe, David Banner, Richard Roundtree, Billy Zane, Camila Alves, Joanna Sanchez, Bai Ling, Sean Riggs, Joel Swetow, William L. Johnson, Kwesiu Jones, Danielle Arnold, Heather Le Roy, and Jon Mack.

Director/ Writer: Alton Glass
Production Company: Moore Vision Media

Available at Amazon.com for $17.49.


codeblacktv | July 07, 2010
"The Confidant" stars Kenya Moore, Boris Kodjoe, David Banner, Billy Zane and Bai Ling. It weaves an intricate tale about childhood best-friends that have an unusually strong bond and a more intriguing secret. Both young men are on the right path to promising futures, a first round NFL draft pick, and a talented art major on a full scholarship. A complicated web of lies, gambling, murder and a pact between friends sends an innocent friend to prison and the other to fame. After spending eleven years in prison, the innocent comes to collect a debt and is determined to have the life he was promised... by any means necessary.


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