13 November 2010

b.l.a.c. minerals

When I began searching for mineral makeup, I ran across B.l.a.c. Minerals. They provide a nice selection of products for women of color.
I had to try their eyeshadows (Eye Pigments), which are terrific. I can tell you that the colors are highly pigmented, versatile, and have lasted for several months.

Below are some of the colors that I've tried.



The B.l.a.c. Minerals Eye Pigments retail for $10.00 each, which is a great buy, considering they last a long time (I have had my eyeshadows for over a year). They come in 21 different shades and are great to have in your makeup kit. I've also used some of the Passion as a lip gloss, by mixing it with some lip balm.
Check out http://www.blacminerals.com/

P.S. Their sample sizes are awesome. I've ordered Carnival (vibrant gold color), Tease (shimmery beige color), Sunrise, Sunset, and Royal (deep blue color) eyeshadow samples, along with the Raisin, Red Clay, and Apricot blush samples. They come in a small bag. If you have any leftover loose eyeshadow containers, then you can pour these eyeshadows into the old containers. You should have enough eyeshadow or blush to last for at least 5 applications. My samples have lasted longer.

A single eyeshadow sample is $2.25, while a set of 5 retails for $9.50. Blush samples retail for $2.25 each. You can also try their foundation and setting powder and body shimmers.

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