13 November 2010

Quest for the Infamous Red Lipstick

(Red Lipstick for Black Women- IvolveBeauty.com)

I wanted to be adventurous and try something new with my makeup. I decided to try red lipstick! There are so many choices, but it is honestly hard trying to find the right shade of red.

Lipsticks that I'm looking forward to try:
Aphrodite and Xenia in the DeVine Goddess Lipstick Collection by Napoleon Perdis both look promising. They are both vibrant and creamy, but I am still debating on whether to spend $22.00 for the lipsticks. However, I recently checked out Napoleon Perdis' NP Set Collection at Target. The Madrid Matte Bright Red looks great. It retails for $15.00.
Red Ruby by PurMinerals is infused with shea butter and minerals. It is a blue based and is a dark rich red color. This lipstick retails for $16.00.
Radiant Red by Fashion Fair is creamy and rich, with a blue base. It retails for $15.00.
Hemp Organics has some nice shades of lipsticks that are supposed to be made with mostly organic ingredients. They actually have several shades of red lipstick that vary in tone. These include Garnet, Sienna, Red Zin, Ruby, Red Earth, Cayenne, and Crimson. They retail for $14.99 at PureBodySolutions.com and $11.92 at LuckyVitamin.com, which features their lip tints as well.

There's also MAC Cosmetics's MAC Red for $14.50, Russian Red, and Ruby Woo.


Poppy Love ULTRA Color Rich Lipstick by Avon is a great moisturizing lipstick, but it is more reddish orange or coral.

Red 2000 ULTRA Color Rich Lipstick is also by Avon. It has a blue base. The ULTRA Color Rich Lipsticks retail between $6.50 and $6.99.

Iman Red by Iman Cosmetics is long wearing and has long lasting rich color. It has a blue base. It retails for $8.99.

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