13 November 2010

Sheba Sahlemariam

imageI was first introduced to Sheba Sahlemariam on blackisbeautiful.se. Sheba Sahlemariam, who is a singer, was born in Addis, Ethiopia and raised in Africa, Europe, New York City, and the Caribbean. When I first saw the video, I instantly appreciated her unique style in music and fashion.
"My process is simple: I try to make music I would like to listen to. I let go and let God and try to hear what the muses have to say to me. I think the best way to way to be creative is to remember why I do it in the first place and then allow myself to enjoy the ride," -


 Read more about Sheba Sahlemariam at abesha.com:

allianceFiLifeDotCom| November 27, 2009 SHEBA SAHLEMARIAM FEATURING BOUNTY - LOVE THIS LIFETIME (Official Video)

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