25 April 2011

Makes scents, Articles | ARISE

Makes scents, Articles | ARISE

22 April 2011

e.l.f. Coupon Code valid until April 25, 2011

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ASOS Modern Sleek Armour Cuff

Sleek. Modern. Edgy.

If these words describe how you feel or your personality, then why not wear something to that represents you.

The cuff is a modern twist on this classic piece of jewelry.

It's gunmetal color is finished in a high shine.

It retails for $26.90.


Visit ASOS.com- Modern Sleek Armour Cuff for this item.

Liz Larios Black Garnet Nugget Ring - Max and Chloe

I truly enjoy shopping for jewelry, especially when I find something unique that easily strikes up a conversation. It's fun to see someone admiring whatever I have on. My tastes range from eclectic to contemporary, funky, classic, bold, chic, and a little extravagant at times. I usually don't shop at one particular spot, so I pick up what I can amongst the seasonal selections. I appreciate fashion, but I prefer not to follow trends. I believe you should set your own style, experiment, wear what you desire, be confident, and have fun.

05 April 2011

e.l.f. Coupon Code valid until April 10, 2011

I thought I would share this e.l.f. coupon code (JAPAN) that takes 20% off your order, in which 5% will be donated to the Red Cross to help the relief efforts in Japan.


04 April 2011

Celebrity Apprentice Season 11 Episode 5

This is hilarious...the fun part starts at 7:50 with Meatloaf's mounting agitation turning into a full blow out against Gary Busey.

01 April 2011

Bold Eye Makeup Tutorial from QueenofBlendingMUA

While searching for some new ways to play around with eyeshadows, I found this great video by QueenofBlendingMUA. The colors are bold, beautiful, yet very sultry. I've always believed that blending your eyeshadows, no matter the shades, is fundamental in creating a flawless finish.

Cake Pop Fun

So I've been researching some fun projects on youtube, the internet, in magazines, etc. I am always amazed at what people create, especially if it's simple. Below are some videos that demonstrate how to make these adorable treats, which involve very basic ingredients. Hopefully I will set aside the time to make these and post some pictures later on.

The ingredients usually involve: candy melt or melted chocolate, lollipop sticks (paper), a block of styrofoam, sprinkles for decoration, plain cupcakes or cake ( you can prepare a cake from any variety of cake mixes), cream cheese or regular frosting, and your imagination.


Love cake balls? Try making cookie balls with these recipes | Dallas-Fort Worth Food and Recipes - Lifestyles News for Dallas, Texas - The Dallas Morning News


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