22 April 2011

Liz Larios Black Garnet Nugget Ring - Max and Chloe

I truly enjoy shopping for jewelry, especially when I find something unique that easily strikes up a conversation. It's fun to see someone admiring whatever I have on. My tastes range from eclectic to contemporary, funky, classic, bold, chic, and a little extravagant at times. I usually don't shop at one particular spot, so I pick up what I can amongst the seasonal selections. I appreciate fashion, but I prefer not to follow trends. I believe you should set your own style, experiment, wear what you desire, be confident, and have fun.

I've come to realize that it's sometimes difficult to find wooden rings; you usually have better success finding wooden bangles and bracelets. I was able to find this chic black garnet ring by Liz Larios on Max and Chloe by way of ShopStyle.com.

The ring consists of a chunky black garnet stone encased in an 18k yellow gold-plated chain, within a wide ebony wood band. It's perfect for any occasion, and definitely makes a bold statement.

Price: $170.00

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Liz Larios Black Garnet Nugget Ring - Max and Chloe

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