28 May 2011

Finding Opa! by Latrivia S. Nelson

Recently, I was asked to do a review by one of my favorite authors, for which I am grateful and honored. Latrivia S. Nelson is truly a gem. I'm an avid reader (at least I like to think I am). I was first introduced to this author while browsing one of my favorite sites- Amazon.com a few years ago. At that time she had released her first novel- Ivy's Twisted Vine. After reading the synopsis, I was intrigued and purchased the novel, which is pretty lengthy, so you will definitely have plenty to read. The upcoming sequel is entitled The World In Reverse. I was fascinated by her writing style because the stories that she tells are very relatable. I was floored when she released The Medlov Crime Family Series. It includes Dmitry's ClosetDmitry's Royal Flush: Rise of the Queen, and Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign. The final sequel -Saving Anya- will be released later this year. The series also features short stories (ebooks) that chronicle the early life of the dangerously sexy mob boss Dmitry Medlov.

How do you cope with losing someone you love? Two people from different backgrounds share firsthand knowledge of what it's like to lose and live without their beloved spouse. Both have struggled to cope with their grief, knowing that a part of themselves has been lost. Stacey, a successful black author who lost her husband, is struggling to write her next novel. Hunter, a Greek OB/GYN, runs a thriving family practice with his sister. Stacey and Hunter meet during a chance encounter, which leaves them parting their separate ways after Hunter initially shows interest in Stacey. They meet again and agree to share companionship for two months, in hopes that Stacey will find inspiration to finish her book. They come to find that they share something special while overcoming their personal obstacles together, which gives them the chance to love again...

This book was very inspirational. Despite whatever we go through, especially loss, there is always hope. We must be willing to just let go and take chances. Love will find you when you least expect it.

Finding Opa! is part of The Lonely Hearts Series, which includes The Ugly Girlfriend. Both stories are ebooks.

Official Synopsis:

-What does the Greek word Opa mean? According to some it is a word or pronouncement of celebration; the celebration of life itself. It is another way of expressing joy and gratitude to God, life, and others, for bringing one into the state of ultimate wisdom. 

Stacey Lane Bryant has three rules. She doesn’t drive; she doesn’t travel; and she most definitely will not date. From the outside, this odd-ball, thirties-something, single black woman is simply a creature of habit who has been beaten down by the tragedies of life. However those on the inside know that she’s the widow of esteemed astrophysicist Drew Bryant, a highly sought after best-selling romance author and a devoted cat lover. The rules are simply designed to keep her safe and keep her sane. 

However, someone didn’t tell the Greek bombshell, Dr. Hunter Fourakis, that rules weren’t meant to be broken. While at his favorite pub, he eyes Stacey and instantly falls under her spell. Only, his rusty moves don’t get him far with the brilliant introvert, who quickly leaves just to get out of his grasp.

What is meant to be will be, and the two run into each other in another chance encounter. This time Hunter is able to convince Stacey not only to go out on a spur-of-the-moment date with him but also to consider an unorthodox proposal that would benefit them both. 

Hunter’s late wife was killed while serving in Iraq, and he mourns every year for two months and three days. The mourning period is usually miserable for Hunter, but this time, he wants to celebrate life. Stacey’s second romance novel is due to her agent in two months but is totally lacking motivation or passion, because she hasn’t gotten over her late husband. Considering that they both need someone for a short period of time to fulfill very specific needs, they agree to be each other’s help mate temporarily. Only as deprived widows, pressured professionals and lonely hearts, they find that while deadlines pass and mourning time ends, love lasts forever. 

Read this romantic tale about two people who fight through tragic personal loss, family prejudices and age-old traditions to find good old fashion love in the second book of the Lonely Hearts Series, Finding Opa!-

Visit http://www.latrivianelson.info for complete information about Latrivia S. Nelson and her work. She also hosts her own talk show on Blog Talk Radio.
You can purchase any of Latrivia Nelson's books on her websiteBarnes and NobleAmazon.com, and other book retailers.

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