09 May 2011

Jumping The Broom movie

I recently had the pleasure of viewing Jumping The Broom at the local movie theater. I seldom go to the theaters simply because there aren't many movies that I would actually want to see. If it's a comedy, then the jokes (based on the movie trailer) are too corny. Each year there seems to be a horror film, but sometimes they all have similar story lines- there's screaming, something lurking in the darkness, maybe a bit of bloodshed, and more screaming. Hollywood appears to be reviving the whole Marvel Comic book genre, possibly because the characters are familiar. There's action, less dialogue, and more effects. I find that if you desire true original films, then don't necessarily look to Hollywood. You have independent filmmakers, film festivals, and numerous individuals working in order to tell meaningful stories. I have also found that some of the best films aren't shown in theaters- but that's another post.

Getting back to Jumping The Broom...

The film has a terrific cast-

Angela Bassett, Paula Patton, Mike Epps, Loreta Devine, Laz Alonso, Tasha Smith, Romeo Miller, Julie Bowen, Meagan Good, DeRay Davis, Valerie Pettiford, Brian Stokes Mitchell, Gary Dourdan, Pooch Hall, Aija Terauda, T.D. Jakes, Teairra Monroe, Vera Cudjoe, Will Lemay, Laura Kohoot, Marguerite McNeil, Tenika Davis, and El DeBarge.


It's basically about two African-American families, from opposite social backgrounds, who are forced to come together for a wedding.

I won't share too many of the details, but it was funny, romantic, and there was drama. Above all the movie was refreshing, allowing a nice escape for the weekend.

The film was directed by Salim Akil . He is better known for his work in Soul Food, Girlfriends, The Game, and more.

Jumping The Broom on Wikipedia.
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