17 August 2011

Latest Books: The Grunt and The Ugly Girlfriend by Latrivia S. Nelson

If you are like me, reading a book can shape your whole day. I've read to the point where I have a mini library with shelves packed full of books ranging from fiction to nonfiction, mysteries, dramas, history, romance, poetry, and economics. Learning is one of the greatest abilities in life, and reading goes along with it.

So I'll take a few moments to share with you two of the latest books I have read. Both books are by best selling author Latrivia S. Nelson. She has written many interracial romance novels. You can credit her for Ivy's Twisted Vine, The Medlov Crime Family Series- Dmitry's Closet, Dmitry's Royal Flush: Rise of The Queen, Anatoly Medlov: Complete Reign, and Saving Anya (upcoming), and also The Chronicles of Young Dmitry Medlov (series). She is also known for The Lonely Heart Series, which includes The Ugly Girlfriend, Finding Opa!, and The Grunt.

Links to the previous book reviews can be found here.

Let me start off with The Grunt. One of the reasons why I enjoyed reading this book is because the story is told from mostly a male's perspective.The lead character- Brett Black- is a Recon Marine who has to cope from one circumstance to another fairly quickly revolving around what he discovers about his wife (who was seriously trifling). Life really throws him through a couple of loops when she leaves him and their son, so he is forced to deal with the events that unfold afterwards.  He finds relief and comfort in Courtney Lawless who is caring and compassionate. Their relationship becomes stronger after she agrees to become a live-in nanny for his son, but they are tested because of who Courtney is- she happens to be the Lieutenant Colonel's daughter and her brother is the Captain.

I truly enjoyed the pace, but the ending left me wanting to read more (in a good way). In our society you often read or hear about single mothers, but rarely do you read about single fathers, let alone single fathers in the military.

The second book review is about The Ugly Girlfriend. I know I'm late in reviewing it, since this is the first book in The Lonely Heart Series, but I'm just glad that I finally read it. I happen to do things differently sometimes. I love that Mrs. Nelson always tackles a different topic in each of her books. How many times do we deny ourselves because of our own insecurities? Well, LaToya Jenkins is no exception. Compared to her friends, she is the odd one out, especially when it comes to men. Even though she is a successful entrepreneur, she doesn't completely see her worth, simply because she isn't society's ideal size- she is considered plus size. Everything gradually changes when she meets recently divorced Mitch O'Keefe, who becomes her client. They both overcome their personal issues as they find that they are good for one another.

I give both books two thumbs up. I'll probably reread the books when I get some free time, since I always seem to learn something new about the characters. It's similar to watching a good movie again and again, until I know every scene by heart. Any book that Mrs. Nelson writes is guaranteed to be exceptional. Please visit her websiteAmazon.com, or Barnes and Noble (BN.com) to check out her books and buy as many as you can read.


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