23 September 2011

Isis Brantley's TSA Hair Check: Her Afro Was Suspicious

Ms. Isis Brantley is an exceptional professional hairstylist from Dallas, TX, who specializes in natural hair. She is noted for styling Erykah Badu's notorious looks, among others.

Recently, while flying from Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport to Dallas, she was stopped by a TSA agent so that her hair could be searched, which she was wearing in a full afro. She is familiar to searches, but this search was more in depth. If she didn't submit to the search, she would miss her flight. After agreeing to the search, she referenced the agent to "digging" around in her hair to search for potential weapons, which were not found.

I know that certain precautions have to be made, but this is going a bit far. I understand that Ms. Brantley's hair style was large and full. I seldom know of any woman who would somehow artistically strap a weapon or deadly device within their hairstyle- simply because most women are picky about their hair. Some people would be crazy to do this, but I don't know of any Black woman that would. It's precious territory.

I guess if you wear your hair in a curly hair style or as anything other than straight, then it's considered suspicious. Oh, and if you have locs (dreadlocks) be prepared to be searched.

Video: Afro Checked For Weaponry
Video: Alleged, Racial TSA Demand to Search Woman's Hair

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