21 October 2011

IvolveBeauty Mineral Eyeshadows are Now Available

Hello everyone!

This is just to give you an update to my latest craft. I am grateful to announce that my eyeshadows are now listed on Etsy! It has taken plenty of research, but I'll give you the details below.

IvolveBeauty product features:

*Cruelty Free
*Vegan (Select Items)
*Free of: Parabens, Bismuth Oxychloride, Chemical Dyes, and Harmful Ingredients

As far as the formula, I wanted to keep the ingredients simple, so there are no parabens (preservatives), talc, bismuth oxychloride, chemical dyes, or harmful ingredients. My products are cruelty free, and most of the eyeshadows will be vegan (these items will be labeled). Since there are minimal ingredients, the eyeshadows are concentrated, allowing for more pigmentation.

Vegan Information: I use carmine (a natural red pigment derived from cochineal) in some products, but not all. Items that include carmine will be labeled as non-vegan.

The eyeshadows are arranged by collection: Neutral Eye Collection and Bold Eye Collection (more collections may be added). You can use them dry or wet (simply wet an eyeshadow brush).

View the ingredients here.

I wanted the eyeshadows to be affordable, so they are priced at $7.00. Each eyeshadow comes in a clear 5 gram sifter jar, which holds about 1.5 grams of product.

Since all of the eyeshadows are handmade, I will add eyeshadows to each collection as I go. Be sure to check regularly for updates.

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