20 December 2011

A Look At Boo and Boo Factory by Christina Anton

Etsy is such a wonderful place to browse and shop for unique, handcrafted items. These items just allow for a personal touch.

So, I just wanted to show my appreciation and feature some of my favorite items by different artists in my upcoming posts.

Boo and Boo Factory: Unique Handmade Jewelry Inspired by Nature

Boo and Boo Factory's artist, Christina Anton, uses bold, modern designs. I love the way she incorporates these designs into wearable art. 

Geometric Ring Layered Elevation Topography -$24.00

Geometric Leather Earrings Silver and Teal -$34.00

Leather Necklace Geometric Native Orange and Teal -$39.00

You can view her collection on Etsy at Boo and Boo Factory.

Blog: booandboofactory.blogspot.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BooandBooFactoryJewelry
Twitter: twitter.com/booanboofactory

02 December 2011

Urban Decay Naked2 Palette

There's a new palette to fawn over! Urban Decay has recently released a sequel collection of eyeshadows to the infamously popular Naked Palette.

I just discovered this after hearing people talk about it.

So, what makes the Naked2 palette special?

You still get 12 neutral eyeshadows:

1.) These eyeshadows are in the taupe and greige (grey/ beige) family.
2.) Five new shades are introduced.
3.) Ranges from matte to high shimmer, pale to deep shades.
4.) A travel-size Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Naked is included, along with
5.) A double-ended Good Karma eyeshadow/ crease brush.

With this palette you can achieve both a neutral and smokey eye look.

In comparison, the Naked2 Palette has more matte tones. The original Naked Palette has warmer undertones with more shimmer.

This palette is so in demand that it's currently Out of Stock as of December 2, 2011. It retails for $50.00.
Original Urban Decay Naked Palette. Retails for $48.00.


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