12 December 2012

Take Me to Turks & Caicos, Please!

Can you believe the year is almost over? Within a few weeks, we'll be officially welcoming in the winter season.

During this time of year, I love nothing better than to just curl up in bed and read. I'm from the south, so I can't stand cold weather - me and snow simply don't mix.

If you share my sentiments, below are some images that will have you dreaming of warm weather.

Destination…Turks & Caicos

Mariposa Villa -Turks (TripAdvisor.com)
Mariposa Villa- Turks (TripAdvisor.com)
Paradise Ridge (TripAdvisor.com)

02 December 2012

Beauty Deals: Urban Decay Sale

Okay. It's been a while since the last time I blogged - my apologies. I've been working on some new products for my shop, among other things. Please bare with me as I attempt to write more often.

A bit of info…

If you haven't heard, cosmetics' giant L'Oreal is set to buy Urban Decay Cosmetics. This is huge since L'Oreal owns Maybelline, Lancome, Kiehl's, Vichy, Matrix, Redken, Pureology, and Clarisonic, among several other brands.

So, here are some Urban Decay beauty deals…

Midnight Emergency Kit - Sale Price: $22.00 (Regular Price: $39.00)

Lip Love Lip Therapy in Stung -Sale Price: $4.00 (Regular Price: $12.00)

Vintage Eyeshadows - Sale Price: $6.00 (Regular Price: $17.00 - limited colors - once they're gone, that's it)

Deluxe Eyeshadow - Sale Price: $8.00 (Regular Price: $18.00)

Visit UrbanDecay.com for more sale items.

06 November 2012

It's Election Day!

Congrats to those who participated in early voting!

Wherever you are, no matter what you believe in, be sure to vote today. 

Voting is a privilege; something that should not be taken for granted. 

If you don't care to vote, then don't complain about the decisions that will affect you, your city, your state, or this nation.

14 October 2012

Too Too Pretty Fragrance by Betsey Johnson

Let me say that I would buy this fragrance just to own the bottle.

It's just too cute. 

Too Too Pretty embodies a fruity and floral scent combined with a slight woody musk.

The notes include:

Fresh Waterlilies, Sparkling Cassis, Lemon Blossom, Osmanthus, Golden Gardenia, Pink Grapefruit Flower, Skin Musk, Whipped Vanilla, Blonde Woods. 

Available at Sephora.com and other retailers.

New Item! Elegant Gold Double Ring Pendant Necklace

This is one of my latest designs! It's simple, yet elegant -great for casual or dressy attire. Now available on Etsy.com.

14 September 2012

All About the Lips: Pink Lipstick

All About the Lips: Pink Lipstick

All About the Lips: Pink Lipstick by ivolvebeauty featuring a lip stick

When it comes to lipstick, it's always best to have a variety of colors to choose from. Pink lipstick is one of my favorite colors because it's such a fun, yet flirty color. From pale pink to bright fuchsia, you can definitely play around. 

Matte pink lipsticks are loaded with pigment, so they tend to stay on longer. 
Satin lipsticks are always a favorite since they offer a bit of a shine.
Shimmer lipsticks are fun to wear for a bit of sparkle.

**Makeup Tip ** For more defined lips, apply your lipstick with a lip brush. You tend to have more control. 


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