18 July 2012

Whimsical Druzy Jewelry

What sparkles, comes in an array of colors, can be uniform or irregular in shape, and is a natural gemestones?

The answer is druzy (or drusy). Druzy is usually made of quartz crystals.

Jewelry made from this stone boasts brilliant, eye catching color. It can be surrounded with a silver or gold setting.

Check out these fabulous pieces...

Gold Leaf Pink Druzy Statement Designer Ring - Zimaya.com
Gold Leaf Blue Druzy Statement Designer Ring - Zimaya.com

Viceroy Emerald Druzy Multistrand Bead Necklace - Zimaya.com
Dara Ettinger Mimi Druzy Double Ring - Max & Chloe
Dara Ettinger Adelaide Orange and Aqua Earrings

Druzy Jewelry

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