22 January 2013

Steve Madden Conncord Slippers

Steve Madden Conncord Slipper

Seriously. I have a shoe fetish. 

Strappy; high-heeled; platform; wedges - these components make for a fabulous pair of shoes.

Who better to create such stylishly- feminine shoes, than one of my favorite designers - Steve Madden.

Steve Madden Conncord Smoking Slippers

It's hard to resist a stylish, high-heeled pair of shoes, but comfort takes precedence when considering the overall health of your feet.

So why not have style and comfort?

Steve Madden Conncord Rhinestone Smoking Slippers
This variation of the smoking slippers feature:

-Beautiful multi-colored rhinestones
-Synthetic lining
-Bonded leather outsole
-Micro suede

Steve Madden Conncord Smoking Slippers -Bright Multi

The bright multi slipper is definitely for a true shoe connoisseur. I'm not afraid of color, so I admire the microsuede bright dappled and snake print bands.

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